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Are you one who loves old monuments; not just for their architectural beauty but as much for the stories and the history they have been witness to?
The Historical Detours will do just that - move away from the conventional mode of using monuments as the centrepiece and use them instead, as bookmarks or placeholders of the rich history of a bygone era. Take a Historical Detour and transport yourself back in time to watch the past unfold before your eyes.
The Necropolis Detour
The history of this city can be traced through the tombs of its emperors, courtesans, noblemen and saints. Wander through parts of the city where old, magnificent tombs jostle for space with modern, gleaming structures. On this Detour you will hear stories of love, intrigue and conspiracy that outlived the famed names on their tombs.

While the complete tour lasts a full day, you could choose to do a part of this Detour and combine it with one of our other Detours.

The White Mughals Detour
A poignant story brought to life in an unforgettable novel.Peek into the old buildings and gardens where this tragic love story unfolded over two hundred years ago. Take a Detour to the old churches and colonies which the English and the French made their own in this city and wonder what it would have been like to be a white mughal in that age.

This tour could last between four and eight hours. You could also choose to combine this with some of our other Detours.

The Qutb Shahi Detour
Know more about the original founders of this city. The unique culture that this region inherited from them; explore the monuments built by them, localities named after them, old forgotten buildings which still stand testimony to a glorious past that dates back half a millenium.

The full tour lasts eight hours. However, you could choose to do a part of this Detour or combine it with one of our other Detours.

The Nizami Detour
It is impossible to visit Hyderabad and not experience the splendor of a ruling family that captured the imagination of the whole world. This Detour explores the grandeur, sophistication as well as the eccentricities of the various rulers of this dynasty. See what they achieved in their rule and experience how they left their indelible mark on this city.

The full tour lasts eight hours. However, you could choose to do a part of this Detour or combine it with one of our other Detours.

The Kakatiya Detour
The Kakatiyas who ruled almost 700 years ago, were one of the last Hindu dynasties of the region. This Detour takes you to the ancient town of Warangal which bears the testimony of the grandeur of the ancient kingdom as well as the scars of the onslaught of the Mughals. Discover the resilience of the Warangal Fort which held conquerers at bay for so many years and the magnificence of the Thousand Pillar Temple that still attracts worshipers.

This is a full day tour with an early departure around 7 am.

The Golconda Detour
The Golkonda Fort, originally built by the Kakatiya Rulers has amazingly advanced acoustics systems that were used for signalling approaching enemy as well as for detecting conspiracies being hatched in palace corners! The Fort also is unique in the use of the natural boulders (that date back to a billion years), distinctive of the Deccan plateau, as foundation stones for the structure. This detour will trace the history of the Qutb Shahi dynasty which ruled Hyderabad between 1518 and 1687 AD. The narrative will include stories of the rulers of this dynasty with a special emphasis on the love story between Mohd Quli Qutb Shah and Bhagmati. You will hear the story of Aurangazeb’s long and frustrating siege of the Golconda Fort.

This is a three hour detour and you could also choose to combine it with some other detour.

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