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To know a country better, you need to understand the lives of the people who live here. Through these Detours, meet the diverse communities of Hyderabad, take a close look at their culture, traditions and daily lives - feel what it is to be like one of them. At the end of these Detours, you would have experienced the differences...and the similarities between you and a Hyderabadi.
The Charminar Detour
No place can give you a glimpse of Hyderabadi life like the Charminar area can. It is a brilliant mosaic of history, culture, modernity, crafts, business and old world charm - a perfect slice of this city's life. Take this trail through a maze of streets and bylanes and understand what it is like to be a Hyderabadi.

This tour lasts about two hours - a little more if you get carried away with the shopping! You could choose to combine this with some of our other Detours.

The Begum Bazaar Detour
The actual business of a country is not just conducted in tall buildings of steel and glass, hi-tech cities and stock markets. There is a whole different world where the masses trade everyday - where everything under the sun is sold and bought, with Indian-style bargaining. Walk along the quaint and bustling bylanes of Begum Bazar, the largest wholesale market of the city and get to experience a completely different side of the country's economy.

This tour lasts about three hours. You could choose to combine this with some of our other Detours.

The Wedding Detour
Indian weddings are not a simple affair, not by a long shot! Slip into the role of a wedding planner for a day. And see for yourself the shopping, the ceremonies, the arrangements and all that add up to the all important wedding day. If you are lucky, you may even get to witness a wedding and add to the already crazy atmosphere!

This Detour lasts about three hours - a bit more if you end up shopping for yourself and a lot more if we get to attend a wedding. You could also choose to combine this with one of our other Detours.

The Faith Detour
What makes India special is the co-existence of different religious beliefs - each unique in its own way. Visit the places of worship and learn a little more about Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and Zoroastrianism. Discover how Hyderabad has been a perfect melting pot of all these faiths and evolved its very own 'Ganga Jamani' culture.
The Rural Detour
More than 70% of India still lives in the rural areas. Caught up in our world of shiny tall skyscrapers and the travails of a crowded city, we hardly ever get to experience the charms of simple village life; the innocence and graciousness of the people, the smiling faces of the kids and the hard labour put in by the people just to make ends meet.

On this detour, you will drive through lush green paddy fields, dusty small villages, ponds with buffaloes lolling around and meet communities who make a living from this land. You can also visit a village school and interact with some of the families in the area.

Anantagiri Hills Detour
This detour takes you to a serene camp in the Anantagiri hills that is just a couple of hours' drive from the heart of the city. The outdoor camp has fully equipped and very comfortable tented accommodation and has several adventure sports you can choose to indulge in. You could also decide to just lie back and relax in the many hammocks or watch the sunset over the reserve forest from the 'machaan' and watch tower. The more adventurous ones could opt to do a bit of rock climbing or take a trek into the jungle. A truly relaxing detour!
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